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Guest Room Casegood Finishes

Berkshire Amaretto (714)
Berkshire Centennial (714)
Berkshire French Roast (714)
Haven Brunette (346)
Haven Raven (346)
Jet Set Caviar (356)
Marquesa Gray Cashmere (359)
Neoteric Beacon Walnut
Neoteric Depot Walnut
Neoteric Pinnacle Walnut
Neoteric Stratton Oak
Neoteric Studio Walnut
Neoteric Winter Oak
Stacy Garcia Buff
Stacy Garcia Fog
Stacy Garcia Hammered Rose Metal
Stacy Garcia Hammered Silver Metal
Stacy Garcia Torched Oak

Neoteric Metal Finish

Antique Brass
Antique Copper
Brushed Brass
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Brass
Polished Nickel
Polished Rose Gold

Neoteric Wood Finish

Beacon Walnut
Depot Walnut
Pinnacle Walnut
Stratton Oak
Studio Oak
Winter Oak

Public Space and Suite Finishes

Auberge Weathered Oak (351)
Axiom Linear Gray (381)
Axiom Linear White (381)
Axiom White Linen Plaster (381)
Belgian Oak Charcoal (337)
Belgian Oak French Truffle (337)
Campania Bisque (370)
Campania Oyster (370)
Campania Weathered Sand (370)
Clarendon Arabica (377)
Clarendon Burnished Brass (377)
Criteria Heather Gray (363)
Criteria Pale Ivory (363)
Decorage Cerused Mink (380)
Decorage Hand-Painted Marble (380)
Domaine Blanc Dove White (374)
Haven Brunette (346)
Haven Cameo (346)
Haven Raven (346)
Jet Set Caviar (356)
Jet Set Gold Leaf (346)
Jet Set White Pearl (356)
Marquesa Gray Cashmere (359)
Miramont Dark Sable (360)
Miramont Silver Sand (360)
Mosaic Dark Taupe (373)
Mosaic Dark Taupe Shagreen (373)
Mosaic Warm Graphite Leaf (373)
Profile Warm Taupe (378)
Salon Alabaster (341)
Salon Antique Gold (341)
Salon Antique Silver (341)
Savoy Place Chanterelle with Ivory Accent (371)
Savoy Place Ivory with Champagne Accent (371)
Soho Luxe Dark Caramel
Sutton House Dark Mink (367)

Seating Finishes

Aged Gray (788)
Antique Gold (725)
Antique White (726)
Blanca (700)
Brandy (703)
Cerused Charcoal (795)
Cerused Greige (796)
Charcoal (792)
Ivory (702)
Java (764)
Mocha (751)
Molasses (780)
Portobello (789)
Smokey Grey (762)
Tobacco (Distressed) (786)
Tobacco (Non- Distressed) (783)
Walnut (793)

Nailhead Finishes

#1 Brass
#10 Nickel
#13 Bright Nickel
#19 Bright Brass
#44 Antique Nickel
#6 Antique Brass